Lab Report: Hello

This lesson was about setting up a CS50 account and creating the code so the program will say hello, world. The steps of the lesson took me through creating the various folders within the program and how to access those folders through the code. In order for it to run properly you must input the data into the correct area. I learnt that while the computer is very capable of doing a simple thing like type hello, world, if it is told to do so incorrectly it will not work. The first time I tried it I was not successful. This was because I typed in the hello.txt instead of hello.c. Therefore there was nothing for the computer to process when I typed in the command. The problem was solved by putting the code in the correct place. Overall even though the lesson was fairly simple I learned a great deal about the importance of paying attention to details when coding.

Today I learnt about setting up Git Hub. This is a program that allows you to check your work to make sure it is performing cor…

Adult Most Impactful Computing Innovation

What computing innovation has had the most impact on your life? 

"The combination of laptops and the internet. Being able to work from home or from anywhere and not having to go into an office for 15 years.

In what ways has your life been affected?"

"I was able to work and take care of kids. Including attending various after schools events, and never having to put them in day care. It has created an optimal work life balance. 

It is interesting to see the major difference between my Mom's answer and mine. I have grown up in a world with laptops and the internet, so my most impactful innovation was more specific. Unlike the internet and laptops which revolutionized every part of society, my innovation was just something that made my life easier. I think this shows the major difference between innovations of the past versus innovations of the present. In the past there were major changes to ideas that created major change everywhere. Today's innovation are mostly mak…

Most Impactful Computing Innovation

The computing innovation that has had the most impact on my life is my Bluetooth headphones.  I purchased Bluetooth headphones a couple years to replace the regular iPhone headphones. I bought them because I thought it would be cool to have but it has truly made my life much easier. When I do to yard work, exercise, work at my job, and just when I am doing anything I no longer have to worry about the cord getting in the way. It has made listening to things much more convenient and allows me to have complete focus on whatever I am doing while using them. The only major con is that they have to be charged. While I have very little issues with the battery life the device gives very little warning on when the battery is low. Once it signals the battery needs to be charged there are only about fifteen minutes left before it dies. The device still has truly made everyday of my life easier.