Quiz Post

I have a great deal of question to choose from that I got wrong. The first question I got wrong was the 19 MOD 5 question. This was just because I forgot what Mod was. Mod is the remainder left over after dividing. I put 3.8 because I just divided the number. The correct was to do the problem is to say that 5 goes into 19 3 times, giving you 15. 19 - 15 is 4 which is the remainder and therefore 19 mod 5 is 4.
      The next one I got wrong was the hex. I got this wrong because I incorrectly wrote out the hex on the board probably a month ago. If I was being more careful I would have picked up on the fact that the way I wrote it made no sense, but I did not. The correct hex representation for 16 is 10 because 16 goes into 16 one time, and the remainder is 0 so the answer is 10.
     The next one I got wrong was about the time it takes for a bit of data to travel from the sender to receiver. I put bandwidth because I forgot the difference between latency and bandwidth and guesse…

New Technology Article

I actually did not know much about most of these innovations. I new a little bit about the technology involved with the babel fish earbuds, but I did not understand the advancements in the technology. Other than that and the 3-d printer. The rest of the technology was very new to me. Advancements such as genetic fortune-telling, zero-carbon natural gas, artificial embryos, I believe could have great effects on society in the future. Tech such as the metal 3-d printing I think could have great effects on the economy in the future. The one that is most interesting to me on a personnel level is perfect online privacy because that is something I am glowingly more concerning as time goes on.

The Internet is for Everyone

Internet​ ​is​ ​for​ ​everyone​ ​-​ ​but​ ​it​ ​won't​ ​be​ ​if​ its users cannot protect their privacy and the confidentiality of
transactions conducted on the network.

- This one is meaningful to me because it is always something I am concerned about. I do a lot of online shopping and am constantly entering my information into various websites. While I am fairly confident that the websites I am visiting are safe, there is always a feeling of concern that there is the risk of the information will be taken. I think this will become a growing concern as people become smarter and better at deception.

Internet​ ​is​ ​for​ ​everyone​ ​-​ ​but​ ​it​ ​won't​ ​be​ until in every home, in every business, in every school, in every library, in every hospital in every town and in every country on the Globe, the Internet can be accessed without limitation, at any time and in every language.

I think this is a major issues that our world is facing. While the people who have access to intern…

Marconi Maritime Center Field Trip

The field trip to the Marconi center was very interesting and informative. The most interesting exhibit to me was the code activity with enigma machines. Since I was actually doing the coding I felt like I was understanding it more than if I was just watching someone else do it. The activity was able to be very engaging while still being educational. I also enjoyed the room with all of the old technology and the drone. I think that again relates to being able to physically see the objects, it really helped to further my understanding.
       I had no real issues with any of the activities other than small things that could be changes. Some of the information, especially what was being presented at the code activity and what was happening in the video, was a little repetitive. I know that the video had other sections then what we watched, so perhaps we could watch another section so we do not get the same information. I still found all the information interesting though. Another…

Lab Report: Fahrenheit

This lesson was about creating a code that would convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. The code involved  using the get float command to input the number, and using the given formula to change the number in Celsius to the number in Fahrenheit. Creating the proper code required use of many elements of past codes that we created. We had already created a string code therefore that part including writing the % into the code was not difficult to understand. Since the formula for the conversion was given in the problem it just need to be plugged in to the code. Through the lesson I understood more about how the string command works and how to properly input a function or formula into a code. The issues I faced were just small errors such as a missing comma or a parentheses. These were solved when I tried to run the code, and the program pointed out the errors to me. In the future I will be more diligent when writing the code and try to make sure not to make any errors. I also had an issue checkin…

Lab Report: Hello

This lesson was about setting up a CS50 account and creating the code so the program will say hello, world. The steps of the lesson took me through creating the various folders within the program and how to access those folders through the code. In order for it to run properly you must input the data into the correct area. I learnt that while the computer is very capable of doing a simple thing like type hello, world, if it is told to do so incorrectly it will not work. The first time I tried it I was not successful. This was because I typed in the hello.txt instead of hello.c. Therefore there was nothing for the computer to process when I typed in the command. The problem was solved by putting the code in the correct place. Overall even though the lesson was fairly simple I learned a great deal about the importance of paying attention to details when coding.

Today I learnt about setting up Git Hub. This is a program that allows you to check your work to make sure it is performing cor…

Adult Most Impactful Computing Innovation

What computing innovation has had the most impact on your life? 

"The combination of laptops and the internet. Being able to work from home or from anywhere and not having to go into an office for 15 years.

In what ways has your life been affected?"

"I was able to work and take care of kids. Including attending various after schools events, and never having to put them in day care. It has created an optimal work life balance. 

It is interesting to see the major difference between my Mom's answer and mine. I have grown up in a world with laptops and the internet, so my most impactful innovation was more specific. Unlike the internet and laptops which revolutionized every part of society, my innovation was just something that made my life easier. I think this shows the major difference between innovations of the past versus innovations of the present. In the past there were major changes to ideas that created major change everywhere. Today's innovation are mostly mak…