I made the final tweaks to my code so it is now complete. I have started my writing and I think I will be ready to submit tomorrow. No issues today. I am at a 9.


1. I worked on my monthly check but then abandoned it. I then did more housekeeping things to make it look nicer.

2. I did not really write anything

3. Not a thing

4.  8.5 - I just have to write all of the stuff and then I am done


a.  I added a place for the user to enter their name. I also worked on the function that will save peoples list.

b.  It simply asks for a name and then returns it.

c. No issues

d. 5.5


a. I did not get anything done because I was doing notecards for english. They were due Thursday night.

b. Nah

c. Nothing

d. 4.5 (Or whatever I had yesterday)


1. I worked more on month checks but I am having some trouble. I also made some changes to the main list of my program. I have had a couple people test it out and people seemed to be confused by the wording. I had it listed like 1, 2, 3, but people didnt seem to know what to enter. So I changed it from "2. see how much money you have made" and made it "To see how much money you have made enter 2"

2. Month_checks is supposed to keep a running total of the money made.

3. I do not really know how to have the function take the different inputs and make a monthly total. I think I just need to focus a little more.

4. 4


1. I worked on a new function to keep track of how much money was made in month. I am not really sure how it will work yet.

2. It adds up the users check to print out the monthly total.

3. I did not really have any

4. 4.5


1. Still figuring out what else to add. I think I want to add something that will save the users data so that even when the code is closed it will be saved. I added some more fonts.

2. Just fonts and such things

3. Nothing

4. 4